Have you found your Why yet?

Maybe it’s an upcoming high school reunion, the desire to look great at your best friend’s wedding, or the need to be fit and healthy once and for all.


Whatever your “why” is, once you’ve found it, I can help.

This isn’t about finding willpower or beating yourself up.

This IS about learning new habits.

Achieving a healthy weight requires a concentrated effort that includes making healthier food choices and adopting healthier behaviors that are sustainable and can become part of your life forever.

Trust me, I know all about it from my own experience of losing over 100+ pounds.

Together we’ll focus, not on simply “losing weight” but building health. You can do it. Any Body Can!

I’ll help you through a holistic and balanced approach to weight loss.

Eating less and exercising more makes sense and is an initial fix that gets you short-term results such as a better appearance, but you’re a whole person, and you also may need to address other factors like stress, anxiety, and boredom which have contributed to weight gain over the years.

For example, maybe you’ve resorted to overeating due to overwhelming stress, chances are you’ll gain the weight back quickly unless you identify and manage the underlying cause. And if you’re stressing out or beating yourself up over it? That’s not ideal for long-term success.

My coaching is right for you if:

You’ve gained weight due to poor food choices. I will help to educate you on better nutrition.

You are overweight due to unhealthy eating habits, for instance not eating all day and then eating too much of the wrong foods late at night. We will work on establishing a more balanced way of eating throughout the day.

You’ve gained extra weight in the past few months due to all of the stress in your life, we will try to find ways to address and alleviate the root causes. Something as simple as practicing mindfulness or breathing exercises when you feel overwhelmed can go a long way.

So where do we begin?

We’ll schedule a free consultation to get acquainted, determine your needs and discuss your challenges as you see them.  You’ll complete a simple assessment to provide me with information about yourself and your eating and exercise habits and preferences.

Once you know we’re a good fit and you want to move forward, coaching sessions are 1 hour in length and can be conducted either in person or via telephone or Skype.

At each session, we’ll map your progress and work together to keep you focused on your goals. Not just the number on the scale, but the big picture of a big, healthy life.

What you’ll get

You’ll receive an ABC program binder  when you begin to store nutrition information, motivational tips, inspiring stories, recipes, etc., customized for you and provided at each meeting.

E-mail/phone support will also be provided in between sessions.

My commitment to help you succeed.

My work with each client is customized to your individual need and employs a holistic perspective.

There aren’t any set rules.

No, you don’t have to eat green leafy vegetables 3x a day or keep a food journal (unless of course you’d like to try it on).

My goal is to educate, motivate and support  you to find what works best for you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

Following is a listing of coaching options. Because everyone’s situation is unique, I offer three different programs:

Looking for something a little more customized? I can help with that too. Let’s work together to tailor a plan that will fit your needs.

Are you ready? Do you remember your Why?

Excellent. Let’s go.

Click here to schedule your free consultation.